NRI provides research and consultancy services to agencies and clients in the following areas:

  • Mathematical model simulation to study different problems related to river engineering and dam constructions.

  • National projects studies and evaluation, especially their technical, economic, environment, and social impacts.
  • Erosion and sedimentation processes and mitigation measures in rivers and reservoirs.
  • Design of navigation waterway and its environmental impact on river morphology.
  • Hydraulic and hydrological changes downstream dams and hydraulic structures.

  • Hydrographic survey using the most modern techniques, Integrated Hydrographic Survey System (DGPS, Multi Beam Echousonder, Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler, Total station, and bed Sediment and water samplers).
  • Map productions indicating any interval.
  • Hydropower Impact on Morphology and Hydrology for Nile River.
  • Test of performance of Hydropower station on Nile River.
  • GIS and remote sensing applications in different field.

  • Water quality related problems.
  • Capacity building through giving and preparing technical training courses for Civil Engineers and technicians from Egypt, African and Arab countries.
  • Organizing Conferences and Symposiums.
  • Countor Maps.

  •  Navigation Charts.

    3- water Quality Data.


    Sediment in Lake Nasser.

    manegement Lines.